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Flea Doctor
Electronic Comb

Safe, Chemical-Free, Electronic Comb Guaranteed To Kill Fleas And Remove Them From Your Pet! The secret is the Comfort Charge Technology that reaches deep into your pet's coat, finds the fleas, kills them, and removes them from your pet....

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the bright idea

Fuller Full Crystal Window Cleaner

With the Full Crystal power sprayer you can clean windows up to twenty-seven feet high…simply aim, spray and walk away! Leaving your windows spot free strike free and with both feet securely on the ground. For a clean so clear your windows will virtually disappear...

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2 Heads BBQ Clip Light

SAVE $8.00 !
This clip light provides lighting where you need it! Made of high heat resistant nylon construction, this lamp will be useful in all occasions! Equipped with LED lights, 360º swivelling heads, flexible 15” goose neck, rotating lamps and heavy-duty clip with magnetic base! ...

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