Ruby® Sliders - Set of 8

Protects Your Floors to Keep Them Beautiful!

Set of 8 Ruby Sliders protect floors from scratching.
They soundlessly glide over floor surfaces.
Universal fit: they fit snuggly on any furniture leg and work on all shapes and sizes!
They help keep your floors looking beautiful and protect all types of hard surface floors.
Built to last with ultra-tight nano-weave material and industrial adhesive.
Each package includes 8 Ruby Sliders.

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Protects Your Floors to Keep Them Beautiful!

The loud screech, the ugly scratch, and the deep gash – furniture legs can scar your floors costing you a lot of cash. Now there’s Ruby Sliders, the new chair leg cover that protects your floors, prevent scratching, and slide with ease without all the noise! They fit snuggly on any size leg and glide across any floor. You can even move your largest furniture with no effort at all. Ruby Sliders keep your floors looking beautiful for years – guaranteed!

Glides Quietly and Effortlessly, Built to Last!

With Ruby Sliders, any furniture will slide and glide effortlessly. A heavy person in a chair can scratch up your floor. But even a child can push a heavy man sitting in a chair across the floor effortlessly. And there’s no scratches! Regular felt gets worn and it easily falls off. But Ruby Sliders feature an ultra-tight, nano-weave material attached with industrial strength adhesive to the cover. They’re built to last!

Works on All Floor Types & Protects Your Furniture

Ruby Sliders are ultra-flexible and conform to any furniture leg size. Try them on fat legs, skinny legs, round or square – you’ll love the universal fit. It even works on metal! Ruby Sliders are perfect for folding chairs when you have extra company. They’ll help protect any type of floor from hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile, and more! Chair legs can mark up your cabinet bottoms. But Ruby Sliders protect cabinets from scratches while keeping your chair legs scuff-free. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations that don’t last or won’t fit!

Each package includes 8 Ruby Sliders.

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